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Products guidance of
  Ultra high vacuum technology

The vacuum technology is said to be indispensable for future industrial development not only a semiconductor.

We supply a device related to a vacuum including the device and vacuum heat treatment equipment for studies of a semiconductor and the solar battery

3 source RF sputtering equipment.
       with plasma processing room attachment

 ・ It is equipped with three cathodes and can make a
   laminated film and a mixed film. 

 ・ There is transfer mechanism, and the surface treatment
   in the plasma processing chamber is possible without
   exposing it to the atmosphere.

Electron-beam evaporation equipment 【 10KW 】

  This device comprises an electron gun evaporation
  source of 10KW with six melting pots and a vapor
  deposition control machine, and the semiautomation
  of the film formation process is possible.
Standard electron-beam evaporation device 【 2KW 】

  In a standard vapor deposition device, electron gun of
  2KW and three melting pots are attached to a small
  chamber (φ 300).
By optional parts, you are changeable to the resistance
  heating vapor deposition device of the 3 source
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