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    cryojenic technology

The cryogenic temperature technique is applied to the fields of energy, traffic, medical care in the others of the study of the highest applied physics such as nuclear fusion or the high energy accelerator, and it is gradually in a imminent technique.
We meet the needs that diversified.

Cryostat for compression examinationsWithout a refrigerant

  Because this use a refrigerator, an examination in 10K is
   possible without liquid helium
  A compression examination of maximum weighting 5KN is
   possible in the range of 10K - 40K
Cryostat for specific heat measurementWithout a refrigerant

  This reduce a measurement noise by the vibration using
   a pulse tube refrigerator of the low vibration
  Cryogenic temperature of 10K is easily provided without
   using the liquid helium
Cryostat for breaking tests of the insulation

  This use it for a breaking test of the insulation of the
   superconduction cable.

  The examination of pressurization (0.5MPa) is possible in
   a condition of the cryogenic temperature, too.

  It is equipped with a viewer and can observe a condition
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