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Cryovac realize your requirements with our three unique expertise of which consist “Ultra high vacuum technology”, ”Cryogenic technology”, and ”High-pressure gas equipment technology” to meet your needs.
・ Super insulated vacuum pipeline(SIVP・SIVLEX)
・ Liquefaction gas automatic supply system
・ Liquid helium transfer tube

The liquefaction gas (liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen others) is used up to electricity, medical care, food, performance not to mention industry widely.
Our super insulated vacuum pipeline(SIVP,SIVLEX) can supply these liquefaction gas efficiently.

High-pressure gas equipment technology
Cryogenic technology

The technique application of the cryogenic temperature is familiar and, in the properties of matter studies such as neutrinos, traffic represented by a linear motor car, medical care such as the MRI, electricity-related others including the transmission by the superconduction line, is realized.
The cryogenic temperature apparatuses such as our cryostat are adopted a lot by these latest technology development.

・ Cryostat with liquid nitrogen
・ Cryostat with liquid herium
・ Cryostat without refrigerant

・ Superconducting magnet system
Ultra high vacuum technology

The almost of the parts used in electronic equipment including a semiconductor, a solar battery, lithium ion battery and the touch panel need a vacuum in a manufacturing process. In addition, the vacuum technology is indispensable for future industry development.

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・ Magnetron sputtering equipment
・ Electron-beam evaporation equipment
・ Vacuum hot press equipment
・ Vacuum heat treatment equipment